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Latest Earthquake News From Batase Village

5 confirmed dead in Batase Village. Many injured.

The School and Hostel that FHC have worked so hard on have been destroyed.

Damage is so severe that the villagers have no standing shelter at this time. The village is cut off, with roads down the mountain impassable.

Mobile phones are still working in the village, so we are getting news, but we haven't been able to reach anyone in Kathmandu.

Donations are now more important than ever, as a lot of work is going to be needed to help with rebuilding over the coming weeks.

~ 1 AM. Sunday, 25th April


Friends of Himalayan Children

Friends of Himalayan Children is a humanitarian organisation working in rural Nepalese communities and in Kathmandu. Our aim is to improve the lives of vulnerable women and children in Nepal through better access to education, and through educational programs and community development projects.

Since 2009, FHC has built a hostel in Talamarang to house orphans from Kathmandu, a primary school in Batase village to educate the local children, and sought to raise awareness around the world of the plight of young girls in Nepal.

Tamang girls in their school uniforms - Batase, Nepal
Young girls enjoying lunch in Batase Village, Nepal
The responsibilities of being a big sister in Nepal
Educating Girls - Schoolgirls from the Batase Village School
Seven year old Sarmila Tamang - Batase, Nepal
Young school children wearing donated jumpers and beanies
Sovha Tamang engrossed in her schoolbook

Australian School Visits

Som Tamang Are you a teacher in a local Australian school? Would your students benefit from a visit by one of our members? Som Tamang, the founder of FHC is available to speak in local schools.

Topics covered include village life in Nepal, child slavery and women's issues in Nepal, as well as a detailed account of the work the charity is doing in small villages in Nepal. If this is something that you feel might benefit your students, contact us for more information >>

Latest News from FHC in Cairns and Nepal

Are you interested in volunteering in Nepal? Take on Nepal are organising volunteer groups to Batase Village in 2015. More »

Everest for Education Trek 2014 -- Full details and an Itinerary are available now. More »

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FHC Information Night: Wednesday, 6th March in Cairns. Come along and learn more about our work in Nepal. More »

Our new website was launched on Sunday, 17th February, 2013. Our aim is to provide a website full of information and resources for new visitors and for those who have been FHC members for some time. More »

Batase village girls took their first trip to Kathmandu in January, organised by FHC. It was a wonderful experience for all concerned. More »

Grade 9 and 10 for Batase Children

Currently school finishes in Batase village for students after Grade 8. The children then have to attend school in the nearest town, Talamarang. The fate for most students, girls in particular, is a premature end to their education. FHC is currently in talks with the Nepalese Ministry of Education to allow Grade 9 and 10 at the school. It is a complicated and difficult process but FHC is determined to allow the children the basic human right of an education. During the girl’s trip to Kathmandu, this was a much discussed topic. The girls are very concerned about their education finishing before it should.

Thelma and Louise Expedition

(Update) After raising $50,000 to build a much needed orphanage in Batase village, the Thelma and Louise team are planning their 2014 trip to the village to start building the orphanage. FHC will be in discussions with the Batase community, the hostel children, and project workers here in Australia to ensure that the orphanage meets the needs of the children. We would love to hear from architects and tradespeople who can offer their guidance and support with the design and building of the orphanage. Anyone with the necessary experience should contact us directly on info@f-hc.org.

About Friends of Himalayan Children

Friends of Himalayan Children is a humanitarian organisation working to stop child labour and child slavery through providing access to education, a safe home for disadvantaged children and community development projects in rural Nepal.

Australian Charity Number: IA 36480

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