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What can you do to help Friends of Himalayan Children?

We need volunteers to help with fund raising events in Australia and around the world. We need skilled volunteers who are willing and able to help out in Nepal. And of course, we need money to fund our ongoing work in brining education to the children of batase and other villages.

Make a Donation

The easiest way to help us is to make a donation. Every dollar helps to keep our school open; to pay for teachers, books, and supplies; to provide clothing and food for the orphan children we house and school in Batase village.

Make a Donation

No one at FHC receives a salary, or any other compansation. Everyone is a volunteer. We guarantee that your donation will reach the children it is intended for, and for the purposes outlined on this website.

Sponsor a Child

If you’d like to get more involved in the lives of the village children and teachers, why not sponsor a child or teacher? Sponsoring a child helps ensures that child’s education. Sponsoring a teacher helps ensure the continued education of all of the village children.

Sponsor a Child

The pictures on our sponsor page are of some of the children and teachers in need of individual sponsorship. Our gallery is full of pictures of these same children and teachers going about their daily lives.

Help Raise Funds and Awareness of FHC and our Work

Are you prepared to roll up your sleeves and get involved? Are you willing to help us raise funds? Our members in Cairns and around the world have helped raise tens of thousands of dollars through various endeavours such as bike rides, coffee mornings, and social events.

The Coffee Table Book Project, organised by 18 year old Gabrielle Mundana, aims to produce a coffee table book based on a trip to Som’s home village in Nepal. Not only will this project raise awareness about issues affecting local communities in Nepal, it would also further foster personal, business and community links between Cairns and the Batase village.

All money you raise is used to fund our work in Nepal.

FHC commitee meeting - have your say
Fundraising event - run your own event to raise money
Volunteer bike ride to raise much needed funds
Volunteers helping in Batase village

About Friends of Himalayan Children

Friends of Himalayan Children is a humanitarian organisation working to stop child labour and child slavery through providing access to education, a safe home for disadvantaged children and community development projects in rural Nepal.

Australian Charity Number: IA 36480

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