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SitaAryal (Teacher at Batase school)

SitaAryal walks two hours each day to and from Batase village, where she works as a teacher. She is from the privileged Brahmin caste, and was educated in nearby Gyaltum. Sita is continuing her studies at Gyaltum while being employed by FHC.


She is is an excellent teacher and is extremely popular amongst the students. Though she enjoys her work, Sita has larger ambitions than a small village school. She does not envisage a long-term future for herself at the school, as she is waiting to complete her higher education and seek out opportunities in Kathmandu.

This is great for Sita–such ambition is rare in young village girls, whose expectations are often reduced by parental and village attitudes towards women. Sad for us though, as when she moves on with her life we’ll be losing a great teacher.

It’s a constant struggle for FHC to retain highly educated teachers, as life in Batase village is difficult for most people.

(Sunday, February 17, 2013)

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Friends of Himalayan Children Inc. is a registered charity started by Som Tamang in 2010. It funds numerous activities in Nepal, aimed at helping Nepalese orphans empower themselves through education. Current projects include the XXX school and hostel.

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