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Annual Report 2015 / 2016

94% of funds directly streamed to programs in Nepal. 0% spent on travel and administration. 285 children receiving a nutritious meal every day. And that’s just the start.

As a valued member of Friends of Himalayan Children, we’d like to make our 2015/2016 annual report available for you to read and examine. This report outlines the work we’ve been doing, as well as offering  a full accounting of our finances.

Download our 2015 / 2016 Report

We’d also like to thank you for all the work you’ve been doing for FHC over the past year, and we hope that you will continue to work with us throughout 2017.

Best Regards,
Som, Susan, and the board of FHC

(Friday, February 3, 2017)

FHC School meal program news

Early 2012 we initiated a meal program in the Batase school for up to grade 3.  by young school student Holly who now is University student. Since the quake on 25th April our meals stopped due to many barriers and this January Holly, her mum Kylie and our Vice President Shane had community meeting at school to start the meal again. Now parents of the students and FHC share the cost of the program. This great step saw our meal program start again this week and we have brought some happiness to our quake effected kids at school. To continue this for long term we need your support please come onboard and support our meal program, just $10/month can feed one child for a month which you spend on coffee.

(Monday, February 29, 2016)

Children Hostel news

Finally after 10 months we have our temporary hostel is ready due to many reasons we had big delay to get ready. Can you imagine for normal village people how it would be for them. Thank you for all your support members and now our kids have moved into new place and soon we will be welcoming new children in this space including those disadvantaged both due to the earthquake on 25th April 2015 and the trying times since.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child please visit our sponsorship page http://www.f-hc.org/sponsor.php

temp hostel a temp hostel btemp hostel dtemp hostel c

(Monday, February 29, 2016)

FHC International Women’s Day Dinner

International Women’s Day is a day when women are recognised for their achievements. Let us come together on the 12th of March to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of the inspirational women of Nepal. Kirsty Nancarrow from ABC Far North will be our MC for the night.
Our guest speakers will share with us their experiences as women in Nepal. Som will also provide an update about the achievements of FHC post Earthquake.
Enjoy a delicious 2 course meal, Nepalese main course cooked by Som and friends.
There will be raffles, an auction and lucky door prizes.
Entertainment will be provided by the amazingly talented Cairns band “Summer Rhyme”.
Adults: $35pp
School Age Children: $10pp
Under 5’s: Free
Tickets must be pre purchased. Tickets are available at “Himalayan Dreams” in the Pier Shopping Centre. Tickets can also be purchased through depositing money directly into the FHC account using your name as a reference.
Account Details:
BSB: 034664
Account Number: 262957.

For more details, contact us on FB or phone Susan Devitt on 0466 400 415 or Pascale on 0423 235 150.

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(Monday, February 29, 2016)

FHC Presidents report Feb 2016

School Take on Nepal volunteers have been participated in teaching at school. Number of students has increased. New structure one teacher allocated to stay with class not rotating as was previously done.

New structure and behaviour plan that involved teachers, students and community has had positive outcomes. 2,000 backpacks with care items and school items have been distributed throughout the district. Take on Nepal volunteers assisted with distribution and contributed financially to cost of backpacks and contents.

Backpack project to be ongoing for remote communities this will be discussed at next FHC committee meeting. Other organisations are also aware of bene]its of this project , 500 woollen blankets distributed to those who assisted with preparation for trail run, all girls year 7 and above, hostel residents and women from neighbouring villages.

Talamarang Hostel Students have been provided with beds and bedding Hostel. Work has been in progress for last 10 months. 6 rooms are completed and children due to move in. ABC radio will do an interview with hostel residents being interviewed.

Batase School is now licensed and has registration certificate to operate as a high school. Som acknowledged the work of all involved including Amber Tamang.

Employment of 4 new teachers is complete . These teachers will work in surrounding schools to ensure that children from these schools will have standard of learning and be able to integrate into high school in Batase Village. FHC, Government and School committee involved in this process.

School meal program operating for entire school. School Cook employed. Kylie and Shane involved with and overseeing this program. Funded by FHC and Student contributions.

New cook employed for Hostel. this is in addition to Tok Maya whom has worked tirelessly  in the interim while we have searched for the new cook. this will bring us back to the normal staffing for the hostel in Batase village.

Currently FHC employ 20 people.

Two take on Nepal volunteers have donated $3,000 to Bates School.

Sewing machines for Benita’s sewing business have been purchased and shed will be built. Kylie and Shane have more information about this..

Additional toilets have been built in village and sanitation is continuing to improve.


(Sunday, February 28, 2016)

Ekkehart and Marion Mundana: Teaching and teacher training in Batase Village

FHC Report from February 2016

Ekkehart and I spent 3 months in Nepal, from October 2015 – January 2016.

Our Intention was to conduct a teacher training course in Batase Village, and then rerun this course in the Pokura area through Logged on foundation. Our time in both Batase Village and Nepal in general was challenging and rich. We worked with FHC Nepal, and offering as much support and training as we could in areas such as English language, management and organisation and bookkeeping. We also spent time developing relationships with other grassroots organisations and NGO’s, which in itself was interesting and holds possible future benefits for the Friends of the Himalayan Children. I will concentrate this report however on our time in Batase Village and the music program run by Ekkehart, and grade 9 English program and the teacher training program.

Firsty the music program: it was not our focus to be in the classroom all the time during this visit to Batase. However, Eckerhart ran some music classes for the younger children and a regular singing class with the grade 6, 7, 8 and 9’s. Ekkerhart had interviewed the children from the hostel and found out what they loved about Batase Village and their life in Batase. He created a song from the words of the children. Mindful of the pentatonic scale that is native to Nepalese music, he created a song that could be sung as a school song. The children love this song and he presented it as a gift on the last day. You will have all seen video footage of the children singing this song which has now become the school anthem.

Secondly the grade 9 English program: We adapted the ‘Cutting Edge’ English language program, which is a highly reputed English language program taught in language schools all over the world. This proved to be an interesting experience for students and teachers alike. While some of the material was challenging in terms of general knowledge, it actually offered fertile ground for learning about the world beyond Batase Village. Students responded well to this English language program and I foresee that this could be a way forward for extra-curricular English language teaching. With the Nepalese curriculum, like all curriculums, being demanding of students and teachers time, it would be better to conduct this course outside school hours as an extension to those who want it.

Thirdly the teacher training program: Ekkehart and I devised this program ourselves, based on a blend of explicit instruction and teaching methodologies that have worked in the classroom over our years of experience. We focused on four main areas: teaching strategies, organisation, activities and feedback. We conducted a series of classes to teach the teachers these aspects of education. It was a challenging task to create a course that was delivered in English and yet deliver higher order thinking and education strategies. Although only 10 lessons, it actually took us nearly 7 weeks of work to create classes that would function in an ESL environment! We kept each class as hands-on as possible, so that teachers first of all experienced these strategies and techniques for themselves and then had a go at putting them into practice. We ran a series of 10 classes, culminating in a Saturday morning session that ran for 3 to 4 hours. We included in this final session the outlining of a whole school behaviour management strategy. I believe that this has been further developed by teaching volunteers who are in the village at this time.

This course was really an introductory course for teachers. We appreciate that to really develop teacher capacities there needs to be ongoing training and mentoring as teachers put into practice what they learn in the classroom with teacher trainer feedback. The feedback from teachers was very positive, and most teachers expressed a desire and confidence in being able to apply some of the techniques they were shown.

We repeated this training course in a village called Dhital, which is one hour from Pokura. It was a great experience for us as trainers to repeat the course so soon, and compare its success with the course run in Batase Village. The course itself stood the test of being repeated and had a similar reception in Dhital. One thing we noted was that the teachers in Batase Village were very serious and appreciative of the opportunity to receive this training. Teachers expressed a desire for further training and Ekkehart and I were very encouraged by the feedback. On discussion and reflection with a number of people, we will revise certain parts of the course and continue to develop the next phase. It is important that we build capacity of teachers in Nepal. It is also important that we empower future Nepalese teacher trainers who can in turn train and mentor teachers in Nepal. In our development of the course we will take this into consideration.

We like to express our gratitude towards the loving people of Batase Village who embraced us so caringly, and to the members of FHC Nepal who looked after us and assisted us every step along the way. Life in Nepal is complex and not easy. There are many twists and turns, changes of plan and challenges that are hard to understand until you are actually on the ground there. Our time in Batase has strengthened our resolve to support and build capacity in the people of both FHC Nepal and the teachers who are in our circle of influence. By empowering these key people we can effect real change and generate a sustained difference.

~ Marion and Ekkehart Mundana

(Friday, February 12, 2016)

School bag shipment arrives at FHC Nepal.

Despite the current Nepal fuel crisis which is also affecting the imports of materials and other resources we have managed to get our first 1000 school bag order.  These bags are all locally made in Nepal (Kathmandu) and crafted using high quality weather resistant fabric, solid zips, buckles and straps.  If you visit Nepal we can even take you to the factory where they were made.

We will be continuing to submit orders as word continues to spread and our lovely supporters (you) buy bags. If you have already been so kind as to buy a bag (or many bags in some cases) we thank you from our hearts.

Batase village will form the base of our distribution operations where we will be trekking with the bags to these village schools. Many of these have missed other post earthquake distribution programs, as they have no reliable road access. we never said this was going to be easy!

We cannot thank everyone enough whom have fundraised, contributed or donated towards the hygiene packs too. Thanks must also go towards the local suppliers whom have all been supportive of this program.

Today saw a  FHC members meet up with a couple of Take on Nepal volunteers to trek about 2 hours into the Shree Thana Bhanjyang Lower Secondary School to distribute 135 bags to classes up to grade 7. These bags were also filled with donated items like handmade beanies and scarves courtesy of the Cairns Lioness club and socks donated by Adventure Equipment Cairns

We will be up late tonight packing about 240 school bags for the Batase Village School so we can distribute them tomorrow. stay tuned to our facebook page for updates on this exciting day.

You can buy any number of bags for $15 each. Each bag will be complete with pencils, exercise books, and an all important hygiene pack. Once you purchase a bag, it will be delivered to a school child in one of the schools we work with in Nepal. (You will not receive anything in the mail yourself). You can go to our purchase page (paypal) direct via this link.

If you’d like a little more information about the School bag program please look on our website or News section at http://www.f-hc.org/news/fhc-empowering-students-through-education-post-earthquake/.


(Sunday, December 27, 2015)

FHC Batase School Teachers

current as at December 2015

The Friends of Himalayan Children Inc. currently employ 7 teachers at the Batase School. Depending on their higher education studies, classes they teach and experience they receive between 8000 – 18000 Nepali Rupee per month. If you or a group of friends would like to get together to sponsor a FHC teacher please contact us or visit our Sponsorship page


Bhima Rai

Bhima Rai

Bhima Rai

Bhima teaches grades various subjects including Maths to grade three, English to grades 5, 6 and 7. In grade 8 she teaches vocational education and economics.  Bhima has completed higher education including a Bachelor of Education and Masters degree in Education.

Bhima is from eastern Nepal in the Bhojpur district and the Village of Chhirnamakhu – it takes Bhima two days to get back to her village. Bhima stays in the Teachers accommodation at Batase School prior to the earthquake she stayed at the FHC hostel.

Bhima has been employed by FHC for 20 months. This is her first job, but previously she volunteered in the school her father taught at.



Bhimsen Khatiwada

Bhimsen Khatiwada


Bhimsen Khatiwada

Bhimsen teaches Nepali and English to grades 5 to 9 plus teaches population studies to the grade nines. He has a Masters degree in Education and over ten years teaching experience. He has been employed at Batase School for 18months and prior to this taught for 2 years at Kathmandu plus 6 years at village schools.

Bhimsen is from the same district as Batase (Sindhupalchok district) and the village he is from is called Sindhukot 3.




Padam Timalsina

Padam Timalsi

Padam Timalsina

Padam teaches grades 4 to 9 and is a science teacher. Padam higher education includes bachelors degrees in both education and science.  Padam has taught for 2 years in his home village of Dhungkharka in the Kavre district. He has only currently been teaching at Batase village school for 15 days!





Asmita Tamang

Asmita Tamang


Asmita Tamang

Asmita is a grade teacher whom teaches the Batase grade 1 class (all subjects).  Asmita completed higher secondary school to grade +2 (equivalent of grade 12 in Australia). She has taught for 4 months in Batase and this is her home village. A terrific example for Batase village girls.





Bibimaya Tamang

Bibimaya Tamang


Bibimaya Tamang

Bibimaya has been a FHC teacher for 4 years now and enthusiastically teaches the prep level class. Bibimaya completed higher secondary school to grade +2 and Batase is her home village.  A terrific example for Batase village girls.





Suntalimaya Tamang

Suntalimaya Tamang


Suntalimaya Tamang

Suntalimaya teaches grade school and is loved by her grade 2 class. Suntalimaya completed higher secondary school to grade +2. This is her first job and she has been teaching here at Batase school for 4 months. Batase village is here home village and she proudly teaches at the school she attended as a child.





Ranjan Lama

Ranjan Lama

Ranjam Lama

Ranjan is a passionate school teacher and a great strength in the FHC team as he also assists with our Hostel children. Ranjan is the Batase secondary school teacher in charge plus the school extracurricular activities coordinator. Ranjan has an impressive higher education history with bachelor degrees in both Education and Arts, a Masters degree in Sociology and he is also currently studying his Masters degree in English Literature. His higher education studies have spanned 6 years, and he has taught at three other school prior to his current job.  Ranjan has been employed at Batase by FHC for the last 16 months. His home village is Dhungkharka in the Kavre district.

(Monday, December 21, 2015)

The Children of FHC Batase Hostel – Chhiring

Current as at December 2015, Thanks to our Sponsorship and membership officer Kylie White for this contribution.  If you are interested in Sponsoring a child please check out our Sponsorship page.

Chhiring Lama is 14 years old and studying grade 7. Chhiring has two sisters, Pasang who is currently studying class +2 (equivalent to grade 11 and 12) in Kathmandu and Tengen who is studying grade 10 in Talamarang Village. Chhiring, Tengen and Pasang have been part of the FHC family for 6 years. Chhiring enjoys reading and often sits on her bed in the evening and reads out loud.

Chhiring Lama


(Monday, December 21, 2015)

The Children of FHC Batase Hostel – Sarmila

Current as at December 2015, Thanks to our Sponsorship and membership officer Kylie White for this contribution.  If you are interested in Sponsoring a child please check out our Sponsorship page.

Sarmila Tamang is 11 years old and studying grade 4. Samila is very close friends with Mingmar, the two are always playing and studying together. She is one of 7 children; 1 sister and 5 brothers.

Sarmila Tamang


(Monday, December 21, 2015)

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