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Education Update November 2015

Exciting times in the FHC education department. There is lots happening and we are all excited.

–  The top of the list is our new School bag project  – we have 1000 bags tendered currently and will be given to school children at up to 15 schools (currently) and will include pencils, pens, exercise book and a hygiene pack. this will be an ongoing project and will see FHC breaking new ground here. Read more and this link.

School meal program (lunch) has now extended to all grades, and is prepared by the school staff with an additional room for this catering. We have a dedicated team working on this project alone further improving its sustainability and its benefits can only further enhance the education of these children, simply by providing a quality meal.

– Teachers. We now have a teacher per class, this includes the 8 FHC employed teachers. The Local School government minister has promised that by next July Batase will have an additional 3 government teachers. This will enable our teachers to be able to be sent to outlying (feeder) schools to improve their education standards so when they arrive for year 8 they will be a similar standard.

– School building –  An Organisation (Caritas) from Switzerland  has visited and have committed to building a new school in Batase village. Caritas will build and fund this school, which will be earthquake proof and have many facilities. Caritas have been interested in this project in Batase as they have recognised the high level of education provided and support provided by FHC. Som thanked all FHC members for supporting FHC and education. The construction of this Building will commence on the original school site October 2016. FHC will need to build/move the temporary school on another site until new school is completed – this project may take 12 months

– Cairns High school

  • Cairns High School have a Human rights awareness program called ‘WE CAN’ commencing in 2016 and the project was presented to the FHC November general meeting by its instigator Christina Lee.  Read about it here.
  • Joe Benzie, CSHS year 11. Fundraising. Family visited during Batase school in the September holidays plus 1 week. They Trekked to village which they found eye opening and looking to give back. They organised a Tennis fundraiser in aid of FHC at the Cairns International Tennis centre and presented check to our meeting for $1360.
  • Joe also presented $891 from the Cairns High interact club – Interact clubs are sponsored by individual Rotary clubs but are run by students within the high school.
  • FHC has also received a donation of $3,000 from the Cairns High business club.

– FHC plans to continue this great relation ship with Cairns High on a regular basis in 2016 and into the future. In fact we are planning on continuing our work with all the local schools we currently work with.  Committee member Brian Duncan is working on maintaining and creating new connections with local schools in far north Queensland and encouraging sponsorship of teachers, with the view to maintain ongoing teacher sponsorship. Plus creating local awareness and involvement with our charity and our regular income. To give you an idea of this sponsorship it is $100 per month (lowest wage) e.g. prep teacher up to ~$200 per month for a grade 7 teacher.


(Saturday, November 21, 2015)

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