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FHC Presidents report Feb 2016

School Take on Nepal volunteers have been participated in teaching at school. Number of students has increased. New structure one teacher allocated to stay with class not rotating as was previously done.

New structure and behaviour plan that involved teachers, students and community has had positive outcomes. 2,000 backpacks with care items and school items have been distributed throughout the district. Take on Nepal volunteers assisted with distribution and contributed financially to cost of backpacks and contents.

Backpack project to be ongoing for remote communities this will be discussed at next FHC committee meeting. Other organisations are also aware of bene]its of this project , 500 woollen blankets distributed to those who assisted with preparation for trail run, all girls year 7 and above, hostel residents and women from neighbouring villages.

Talamarang Hostel Students have been provided with beds and bedding Hostel. Work has been in progress for last 10 months. 6 rooms are completed and children due to move in. ABC radio will do an interview with hostel residents being interviewed.

Batase School is now licensed and has registration certificate to operate as a high school. Som acknowledged the work of all involved including Amber Tamang.

Employment of 4 new teachers is complete . These teachers will work in surrounding schools to ensure that children from these schools will have standard of learning and be able to integrate into high school in Batase Village. FHC, Government and School committee involved in this process.

School meal program operating for entire school. School Cook employed. Kylie and Shane involved with and overseeing this program. Funded by FHC and Student contributions.

New cook employed for Hostel. this is in addition to Tok Maya whom has worked tirelessly  in the interim while we have searched for the new cook. this will bring us back to the normal staffing for the hostel in Batase village.

Currently FHC employ 20 people.

Two take on Nepal volunteers have donated $3,000 to Bates School.

Sewing machines for Benita’s sewing business have been purchased and shed will be built. Kylie and Shane have more information about this..

Additional toilets have been built in village and sanitation is continuing to improve.


(Sunday, February 28, 2016)

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Friends of Himalayan Children Inc. is a registered charity started by Som Tamang in 2010. It funds numerous activities in Nepal, aimed at helping Nepalese orphans empower themselves through education. Current projects include the XXX school and hostel.

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