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FHC Teacher training program November 2015

by Marion Mundana

Teacher Training Program

Eckerhart and I came to Batase Village with the intention of conducting a teacher training program for the staff of the Shree Batase Village School and an English course for both the FHC staff and students at the school.

The teacher training course has been a resounding success. The teachers of the school rose to the challenge of expanding their teaching skills in a second language teaching environment. The course had taken Ekkehart and I several months to write as we wished to get across aspects of teaching method, organisation, activities, and feedback that could be applied in the classroom. The task of delivering teacher training in an ESL environment required careful thought and deliberation. We developed a series of icons and explanations to simplify this process and gave teachers a hands-on experience of what it is like to be in an active learning environment. Each lesson taught according to explicit teaching methods and so included the important aspect of feedback. Incorporated into every lesson was a variety of classroom organisational techniques (such as group work, partner work, partner speaking) and activities (word sorts, card games, partner speaking). It was a joy to see the smiles and hear the laughter as these teachers, after a long day of work, engaged with the process of active learning. Towards the end of the course the teachers began to practice these techniques in front of their class, a major achievement considering they were operating in English. Our feedback so far from the teachers is that they are very excited and thrilled to be showing these techniques and they already have plans to introduce them into the classroom. Considering this is a 10 lesson course, with the main aim of offering an overview of potential teaching strategies and exposure to the experience of active learning, the course has exceeded our hopes in that teachers feel both motivated and confident to transfer new knowledge into the classroom. In fact in our discussion with teachers, they were already applying techniques and strategies.   We would very much like to return to Batase Village to continue our work with these teachers in a coaching capacity and to deliver further teacher training to the staff. there were repeated requests from the teachers that we return and continue with the training.

As trust developed between  Batase school staff and us, we are approached about internal management issues of the school and asked for advice. The staff began to talk about behaviour management issues and some of the problems that they were facing in the school. This led to an impromptu discussion on behaviour management policy and how it is carried out in the classroom. Ekkehart follow this through by developing a presentation of the whole school behaviour management plan as a suggested model for school. He presented this at our last session on Saturday.The staff were very appreciative of this sense of direction and I believe Mr Jam is taking immediate steps to begin the process.  We pointed out that to develop a whole school behaviour management plan must involve all stakeholders and is a slower process.  But they all feel very motivated to improve behaviour at the school and want to get started.

It has been a pleasure to work with the teaching staff and to build a trust relationship with them. The feeling in the school is very positive, particularly after the school plans were delivered by Caritas. There is a feeling of wanting Batase School to be a school of excellence. This is exactly what I had hoped to encourage through teacher training. With motivated and excited teachers outcomes for students will improve and Batase will be known as a school of quality and high achievement. This is a long-term goal but one that is certainly attainable. I had a conversation with Bhima, and FHC teacher who said to me “ I am so happy to be at Batase School. I’m so lucky to be working for the FHC. I’m getting good training I’m improving my skills and I’m very excited to be here.”

(Saturday, December 12, 2015)

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