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Nepal Freight Logistics

Ever wondered how we get a lot of the donated gear and clothing etc to Nepal.  For a bunch of volunteers the logistics is amazing and probably one of the reasons we often state that we’d prefer monetary donations. Cash does allow us to invest in Nepal and drive local economies, however the work put into some of the drives for woollens and such provides some amazing items which represents work from the heart and gives it a lot of meaning.

Roz, one of our committee members and a long time FHC supporter has given us a little insight into some of the latest movements of some of this gear to Nepal.

Cathay Pacific kindly gave us free freight for 13 boxes weighing 200kg in September. The Cairns Sun story ran September 22 and they were delivered into Kathmandu on September 25, which was amazingly quick. About nine of those boxes were large boxes from Cairns Lioness Club, organised by Gail Dudeck. These contained hand knitted, woollen blankets, jumpers, beanies, scarves, booties, etc knitted by ladies all around Australia who send this to Gail. It trickles in all the time. The remaining 4 boxes contained school resources donated by a teacher from Edge Hill State School and these will be used in Batase School.
About the same time many other consignments of goods went to Nepal.
* Jonathan and Daniel were each given an extra baggage allowance by Cathay Pacific and between them took about 90kg of knitted blankets, jumpers, beanies, scarves. Some of these came from Daniel’s neighbours in Redlynch (a small amount). Most were knitted by a group of ladies from the Sunshine or Gold Coast, who contacted about 20 organisations before she found ours, ie someone willing to send this to Nepal. No one else would take it because they had no way of getting it there. It was beautiful stuff and the blankets came with knitted trauma teddies attached to them. Also included in this was at least 10 sleeping bags (from Cairns City Backpackers), music instruments for Batase School, etc. All of the above is still in Kathmandu I believe, awaiting distribution. this is due to lack of appropriate storage in the village since the earthquake.
* Another family group also took a bunch of stuff from the Sunshine Coast ladies in the September holidays.,
* At least 20kg went with two couples who know Som and they were travelling to Kathmandu. Again more knitted stuff from the Sunshine or Gold Coast. This is also in Kathmandu.
* Som also took a heap of stuff to Nepal in September, including backpacks (from Cairns City Backpackers) plus more knitted gear, again from Sunshine Coast I think.
* My niece in Abu Dhabi recently sent 5 x 5kg (25kg of athletic clothing and gear) for the runners in Batase. I believe this is also still in Kathmandu.
* I have just Shane and Kylie nearly 20kg of more knitted blankets, jumpers, scarves, hats, gloves, socks and booties from Cairns Lionesseses, other local knitters and knitters from other parts of Australia.
* I am hoping to give Som and Susan a bag of 33 new fleecy jackets I just bought for $1 each = $33. Som also has more stuff at his place to send.
I also am CURRENTLY preparing a further 200kg consignment of mostly school resources (all the stuff Kylie got from Edge Hill State School) to send with Cathay Pacific in a second free consignment in December. It will also include clothing, shoes, boots, socks, gloves, blankets, quilts, flannelette sheets, flannelette PJs, school backpacks, etc. This is likely to be spread over about 20 boxes. I use the A4 photocopy paper boxes for school books and these fit about 10kg of books in each one. Even after all this is packed up and I have given another 200kg to Cathay, I imagine I will still have quite a lot still stored at my house.
* I have given priority to the warm, woolly stuff.
My biggest hope is that Shane, Kylie, Som and Susan can help distribute this in Nepal as soon as you get there to the people who desperately need it. I would say that we currently have 100s of woollen jumpers, 100s of beanies and many dozens of blankets awaiting distribution. I know Som wants some of this to go to Ramechap, but I just want it to go somewhere as soon as it can. I know fuel is a problem and everything has come to a grinding halt, but what about the poor people living on the streets of Kathmandu who are also going to freeze. If you find people in need over there, hand some around. In Chisopani, in Talamarang, in Batase, wherever.

(Tuesday, November 17, 2015)

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