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The Children of FHC Batase Hostel – Sarmila

Current as at December 2015, Thanks to our Sponsorship and membership officer Kylie White for this contribution.  If you are interested in Sponsoring a child please check out our Sponsorship page.

Sarmila Tamang is 11 years old and studying grade 4. Samila is very close friends with Mingmar, the two are always playing and studying together. She is one of 7 children; 1 sister and 5 brothers.

Sarmila Tamang


(Monday, December 21, 2015)

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Friends of Himalayan Children Inc. is a registered charity started by Som Tamang in 2010. It funds numerous activities in Nepal, aimed at helping Nepalese orphans empower themselves through education. Current projects include the XXX school and hostel.

Charity Number: 54788547

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