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Sponsor a Teacher Today

Friends of Himalayan Children would like to offer you the opportunity to assist in creating a better future for the children of Nepal.

For $100 a month, you can assist the children of Batase Village to receive a valuable education.

The government of Nepal will only pay the wages for 4 teachers in the Village. In order to provide more manageable class sizes and make it possible for as many children as possible to gain an education, Friends of Himalayan Children has employed 9 teachers in Batase School and 6 at primary schools in the surrounding districts.

Teachers Who Need Sponsors

Vhima Rai

Vhima teaches various subjects including Maths to grade three, English to grades 5, 6 and 7. In grade 8 she teaches vocational education and economics. Vhima has completed higher education including a Bachelor of Education and Masters degree in Education.

Vhima is from eastern Nepal in the Bhojpur district and the Village of Chhirnamakhu — it takes Vhima two days to get back to her village. Vhima stays in the Teachers accommodation at Batase School prior to the earthquake she stayed at the FHC hostel.

Vhima has been employed by FHC for 20 months. This is her first job, but previously she volunteered in the school her father taught at.

Vhima Rai

Bhimsen Khatiwada

Bhimsen teaches Nepali and English to grades 5 to 9 plus teaches population studies to the grade nines. He has a Masters degree in Education and over ten years teaching experience. He has been employed at Batase School for 18months and prior to this taught for 2 years at Kathmandu plus 6 years at village schools.

Bhimsen is from the same district as Batase (Sindhupalchok district) and the village he is from is called Sindhukot 3.

Bhimsen Khatiwada

Padam Timalsina

Padam teaches grades 4 to 9 and is a science teacher. Padam higher education includes bachelors degrees in both education and science. Padam has taught for 2 years in his home village of Dhungkharka in the Kavre district. He has only currently been teaching at Batase village school for 15 days.

Padam Timalsina

Asmita Tamang

Asmita is a great teacher whom teaches the Batase grade 1 class (all subjects). Asmita completed higher secondary school to grade +2 (equivalent of grade 12 in Australia). She has taught for 4 months in Batase and this is her home village. A terrific example for Batase village girls.

Asmita Tamang

Bibimaya Tamang

Bibimaya has been a FHC teacher for 4 years now and enthusiastically teaches the prep level class. Bibimaya completed higher secondary school to grade +2 and Batase is her home village. A terrific example for Batase village girls.

Bibimaya Tamang

Suntali Maya Tamang

Suntalimaya teaches grade school and is loved by her grade 2 class. Suntalimaya completed higher secondary school to grade +2. This is her first job and she has been teaching here at Batase school for 4 months. Batase village is here home village and she proudly teaches at the school she attended as a child.

Suntali Maya Tamang

Ranjan Lama

Ranjan is a passionate school teacher and a great strength in the FHC team as he also assists with our Hostel children. Ranjan is the Batase School vice principal, secretary for the school lunch program. He also assists with the coordination of volunteers and devotes much of his own time to tutoring children and managing the school meal programme including traveling to Melamchi for the shopping.

Ranjan has an impressive higher education history with bachelor degrees in both Education and Arts, a Masters degree in Sociology and he is also currently studying his Masters degree in English Literature. His higher education studies have spanned 6 years, and he has taught at three other schools prior to his current job. Ranjan has been employed at Batase by FHC for the last 16 months. His home village is Dhungkharka in the Kavre district.

Ranjan Lama

Laxmi Chalise

Laxmi was a stand out at the most recent teacher interviews for new teachers. During the government selection process she was out ranked by another applicant and therefor unsuccessful at securing a position that was available in her home village. The FHC committee was so impressed by her attributes and altitude; an incomparable role model for female students that FHC crated a position for her at Batase School where she teaches English in grades 4 - 8.

Laxmi is completing her third year of her Bachelor of Education, majoring in English.

Nirmala Tamang

Nirmala has the challenging task of teaching the grade 3 students. This is the largest class in Batase School with the most challenging age group of students. She teaches all subjects except Maths. This is Nirmala's first teaching assignment and she has been with Batase School for six months now. Nirmala is currently studying her BA of Education

Frequently Asked Questions

Where exactly does my donation go?

The Friends of Himalayan Children (FHC) is a not-for profit organisation. ALL of its members in Australia are volunteers. Within Nepal, FHC employs two paid committee staff (ex hostel children), who are responsible for overseeing our Nepal operations, the daily needs of the hostel children and reporting back back to the FHC executive committee.

All donations are pooled and utilised to cover the:

  • Expenses involved with running the Children's hostel.
  • Educational expenses of all the disadvantaged children of Batase Village: uniforms, textbooks & stationery.
  • Contributes to the wages of teachers that are employed by FHC.
  • Contributes to financing projects in the village that assist in improving the lives of the children such as a shower and toilet block at the school, new classrooms, a library for the school, etc.

Can I make contact with my sponsor teacher?

  • You sure can!
  • Making contact with your sponsor teacher makes them feel that little bit more special; it lets them know that someone out there really cares about them and shares in their cause
  • Letters and gifts can be sent to the village via FHC (please note that due to the remoteness of the village this can be a timely and expensive task; all expenses will be your responsibility).
  • Internet communication — most of the teachers have access to the internet via mobile phones and are familiar with Facebook. FHC is in the process of having internet connected at the hostel.

Can I visit my sponsor teacher?

  • You sure can!
  • Visitors and volunteers are most welcome in the village. Tours to Batase Village are all arranged through Take On Nepal. sitors and volunteers are most welcome in the village. Please note that for the safety of the children all those intending on visiting or volunteering in Batase Village are subject to clearance by FHC. Please contact FHC for further information: Contact Us

About Friends of Himalayan Children

Friends of Himalayan Children is a humanitarian organisation working to stop child labour and child slavery through providing access to education, a safe home for disadvantaged children and community development projects in rural Nepal.

Australian Charity Number: IA 36480

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