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Sponsor a Child Today

Friends of Himalayan Children would like to offer you the opportunity to assist in creating a better future for the children of Nepal.

For $30 a month you can make a significant difference in the lives of these children. Your generous donation will assist in relieving grumbling bellies, provide much needed educational equipment and uniforms, assist in paying the wages of the teachers of Batase Village and provide a home for many orphaned and disadvantaged children.

Where exactly does my donation go?

The Friends of Himalayan Children (FHC) is a not-for profit organisation. ALL of its members in Australia are volunteers. Within Nepal, FHC employs two paid committee staff (ex hostel children), who are responsible for overseeing our Nepal operations, the daily needs of the hostel children and reporting back back to the FHC executive committee.

All donations are pooled and utilised to cover the:

  • Children's expenses living in the hostel.
  • Educational expenses of all the disadvantaged children of Batase Village: uniforms, textbooks & stationery.
  • Contributes to the wages of teachers that are employed by FHC.
  • Contributes to financing projects in the village that assist in improving the lives of the children such as a shower and toilet block at the school, new classrooms, a library for the school, etc.

Can I make contact with my sponsor child?

  • FHC promotes the support of all the children and therefore prefers not to single out individual children. However we can provide you with a profile picture of a sponsor child should you request it.
  • Writing letters and sending photos to the children of Batase School — addressing a letter to the whole class, sending you thoughtfulness to more than one child, assists in the development of their language skills and provides a connection outside the village.
  • The sending of gifts is discouraged unless it is an item that can be donated to the school and utilised by all the children. These can be sent to the village via FHC (please note that due to the remoteness of the village this can be a timely and expensive task. All expenses will be your responsibility).
  • Internet communication — to ensure the safety of the children involved no 'direct' contact is permitted.

Can I visit Batase Village?

  • Visitors and volunteers are most welcome in the village. Tours to Batase Village are all arranged through Take On Nepal. Please note that for the safety of the children all those intending on visiting or volunteering in Batase Village are subject to clearance by FHC. Please contact Take On Nepal for further information: www.takeonnepal.com.au

About Friends of Himalayan Children

Friends of Himalayan Children is a humanitarian organisation working to stop child labour and child slavery through providing access to education, a safe home for disadvantaged children and community development projects in rural Nepal.

Australian Charity Number: IA 36480

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