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"Our volunteer administration ensures nearly 95% of funds raised go directly to supporting disadvantaged children in regional Nepal."


In 2014 Take On Nepal (TON) was established by Som and Susan, to provide employment pathways for young people from Batase, directing their talents and skills into ethical vocations in the tourism industry. TON also supports the FHC’s Volunteer program by organising visits, facilitating access to the village, providing services for volunteers and co-ordinating activities for them. Most TON staff work flexibly across both areas, working as porters and trekking guides on Himalayan trails, or supporting Volunteer programs in various roles. TON particularly encourages girls to take on work with the company, this keeps them safe from human trafficking and provides a viable option rather than an early marriage.


Another exciting development in Batase has been the growth of employment pathways for the youth of the area. By starting up the company Take On Nepal, which offers tour, trekking and volunteer services, Som and his wife Susan are able to offer young people training and employment opportunities in Nepal’s growing tourism industry. The charity benefits from its close relationship with the commercial venture, as staff paid by Take On Nepal fill important roles on the ground in Batase for FHC.

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The Friends of Himalayan Children have a volunteer program, which helps to contribute to the English language development of the school community, the well-being of hostel residents and the progress of community development projects. Visits to Batase village can be arranged through Take On Nepal, who will arrange guides for the two-day walk from Kathmandu or a driver for the 5-hour road trip.

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