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Batase School – secure electricity via solar panels

image of solar panels on school roof

people responsible for putting solar panel on Batas school

From left: Sarbagya, Danish, Dr Morgan Kiani, Paras Loomba, Sujan, and Matthew Nelson.

Nepal is no stranger to renewable energies. Hydropower plays a predominant role in Nepal’s electricity system, currently providing 96.2% of the country’s needs. Access to the main grid is not always possible in mountainous, regional Nepal so supply can be unreliable.

A new approach is required and thanks to Dr Morgan Kiani the Batase School now has access to reliable electricity via solar panels.

Dr Morgan Kiani is an electrical engineer and Professor at Texas Christian University in USA. She is also a member of IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). IEEE is the world’s largest technical professional organisation dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity.
Dr Kiani learnt about the challenges in Batase Village from Susan while visiting Som and Susan’s shop – Himalayan Dreams – in Cairns. On returning to the US, she raised $US35,000 (about $52,000) and a plan to install solar panels at the school.

Dr Kiani visited the village recently with a team and now the panels are in-place and operational. Accompanying Dr Kiani is Paras Loomba, founder of Global Himalayan Expedition (GHE). He is also an electrical engineer and has led several leadership expeditions to Himalayas to provide clean energy access to remote Himalayan communities. GHE aims to “empower regional communities towards a sustainable future.”

Matthew and Danish are photographers with GHE recording the experience and Sarbaya is a Nepalese businessman supplying the solar panels.

FHC and the Batase community are very thankful to Dr Morgan Kiani and GHE for helping to further develop their school. Very thankful also is Sujan, President of the School Board and FHC’s manager, who hosted and looked after the group throughout their visit. The Batase school is developing quickly and fast-becoming a respected centre of education for this region. The future is bright for the school and FHC’s kids.

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