Empowerment through education

"Our volunteer administration ensures nearly 95% of funds raised go directly to supporting disadvantaged children in regional Nepal."

Image of the front cover of Himalayan Dreams

Himalayan dreams come true

Kirsty writes “Even as a youngster, Som always needed to find a way to occupy himself. He was not one to sit around idly passing the hours. It was as though he knew there was always work to do to make a situation better.” Som Tamang, founder of the Friends …read more

image of solar panels on school roof

Batase School – secure electricity via solar panels

Nepal is no stranger to renewable energies. Hydropower plays a predominant role in Nepal’s electricity system, currently providing 96.2% of the country’s needs. Access to the main grid is not always possible in mountainous, regional Nepal so supply can be unreliable. A new approach is required and thanks to Dr …read more

mayor of Melamchi with students

Batase school invited to a prestigious Learning Fair

The Batase School recently participated in the Panchpokhari Learning Fair for 2079 (Nepal calendar) that was held at the Thangpal Valley Secondary School, one of the biggest schools in Bagmati Province. The Fair was all about science Final-year students from over 25 schools and five colleges were represented at the …read more

“It’s been 7 years since a girl has been taken from Batase” celebrates Som

In Nepalese rural communities such as Batase, most families are engaged in subsistence farming. They rely on their children’s help with farming and household chores, which are often undertaken before and after school. Many families value education, particularly for boys as they see this as a pathway out of poverty. …read more

photo of Sujan with some hostel students

Sujan, FHC manager and school president

“Someone told me that she was at the Central Jail so one day I decided to go meet her. From outside the prison bars, I saw her. It didn’t feel like it was meeting my mother. The love was not there. It was just indifference”. Sujan is a busy man. …read more

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