Empowerment through education

"Our volunteer administration ensures over 96% of funds raised go directly to supporting disadvantaged children in regional Nepal."

Coronavirus in Nepal – Tim Trehearn

In March, as the pandemic was unfolding, Som was in Batase. Before his urgent repatriation to Australia, he was able to secure essential supplies including rice for the village. He reports that morale in Batase is very high with extra hands available to help with farm work and to advance …read more

FHC Financial Report (2018/19)

In 2019 income to FHC from fundraising, donations, sponsorships, the annual dinner and more, was over $91,000. Expenses came to $76,218 of which $72,039 went to our causes in Nepal. At the end of the 2019 financial year we have an unapropriated profit of $80,435. The full report can be …read more

two brothers running

Hostel news

“If you run in the morning it keeps you strong, fresh and smart for all the day”. This is Bir Bahadur and Buddhi Tamang. They are brothers. They have a sister called Buddhu Tamang. After the 2015 earthquake in Nepal, they went to India with their mother while their father …read more

Winter vegetable crops

Cabbages, brussel sprouts and spinach are growing well in the new garden. An experimental crop of corn, producing two heads per stalk, is doing OK. Som will report further when he assesses the value of the crop during his next visit.

Tree-planting Project

So far 160 trees have been successfully planted near the village of Batase, the earliest of which have now reached about a metre in height. Firewood is ongoing issue in Batase, with children having to go further into the jungle to find supplies. A new trend – the buying up …read more

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