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Heart-felt visit to Batase Village – Malindi Trehearn

photo of Gyalmu Tamang and Malinda Trehearn

In 2023 Malindi Trehearn and her friend Sarah traveled to Nepal and visited Batase village, where they spent time with the FHC Hostel children. Malindi shares her story.

“The time spent in Batase village is something that I am sure Sarah and I will always hold very close to the heart. Upon arriving in Nepal, Sarah and I got a truck into Batase village with Sujan and some other people who were going into the village to install solar panels.

We were welcomed into the village by a huge assembly of children from the school who had flower necklaces and saris by the dozen. We felt so overwhelmed with love and warmth from everyone in the village immediately.

After a ceremony at the school, which involved dance, music and kind words of welcome, we headed up to the hostel and had dahl baht (Nepal national dish) for dinner with the children and other lovely adults.

Throughout our time in Batase over the next week we were immersed in the village and felt an overwhelming appreciation for the love and care that everyone had for one another. Everyone looked after one another from Batase and we became part of the village during that time. We would wake up in the morning and have breakfast with the Pema, Mendhu, Bijay, Dinesh, Sujan and several others who lived close by, before heading down to school. We would go to the school assembly and then run a short lesson or activity for one of the year levels.

In the afternoon we helped prepare some food, helped children with their homework at the hostel or just played with children at the hostel. They were always very excited to show us their latest dance routine or song.
One morning some of the girls from the hostel braided our hair and gave us their traditional hair piece and were always so generous, insisting that we keep all of the flower crowns they had made or necklaces. One thing that was always evident in Batase was the generosity, selflessness and ongoing support that everyone provided for one another no matter what their situation or background was.

The experience in Batase village was inspiring and touching and I can’t wait to go back and visit someday soon. We are so thankful to everyone who made us feel so welcomed and cannot recommend this experience enough.” Malindi Trehearn

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