Empowerment through education

"Our volunteer administration ensures nearly 95% of funds raised go directly to supporting disadvantaged children in regional Nepal."

Batase School children picking up litter

“Don’t litter” has to be taught

When westerners first travel to Nepal they can find the level of rubbish confronting. It’s not just in Nepal. From my travelling experiences, I’ve noticed a disregard for managing litter a common problem throughout the developing countries of Southeast Asia. Resilient plastic everywhere. Why these societal attitudes exist in these …read more

new classrooms at Batase School

School progress, thanks to Ubuntu Foundation & Innocents Relief

Generosity abounds with the Ubuntu Life Foundation and Innocents Relief – a AUD$25,000 donation. We are very pleased to share with you the news that Batase School has completed their Building Upgrade Project. The project grew as a result of a ‘limited’ gift from the Nepalese Government. In 2019 Sujan …read more

Batase Year 9 and 10 students

Year 9 & 10 cultural-exchange tour, with help from Innocents Relief

Sixty students and six teachers from the Batase School had an inspirational and privileged opportunity to go on a cultural-exchange adventure around central Nepal. Batase is a small village in regional Nepal, located high in the Himalayan Ranges. An opportunity for school children to go on a school excursion is …read more

photo of girl holding school books

Exam results are in for our Year 10s

Congratulations to our Hostel Year-10 students who have successfully completed their Secondary Education Examination (SEE).  Special congratulations to Gyanmaya Tamang for the highest achievement. She scored 87.5%, which equates to a GPA* of 3.5 and an ‘A’ rating. Gyanmaya came to the FHC Hostel four years ago after she lost …read more

new classrooms for Batase School in Nepal

New classrooms underway

Construction is well underway on the new school classrooms and facilities for the Batase School. These facilities are being built on the school grounds. The Nepalese government is using relief funds from the 2015 Earthquake donations for the build. Labour is provided by local villagers. One of the rooms will …read more

Som Tamang and Kirsty Nancarrow in Nepal

Som Tamang’s life story by Kirsty Nancarrow

Som Tamang, founder of Friends of Himalayan Children, is just 38 years old and has already lived an extraordinary life. In fact, he’s lived a life so remarkable that it could easily fill a book. Kirsty Nancarrow thinks so too. She has just finalised a manuscript of Som’s life, ‘Himalayan …read more

poly pipe for new classrooms

Innocents Relief – a new partner

Friends of Himalayan Children has made new friends. Innocents Relief is a charity organisation based in Brisbane, Queensland. They work hard to improve the lives of disadvantaged children across the world, in such places as Africa, Timor Leste (East Timor), India, Sri Lanka, Papua New Guinea and Peru. Our beliefs …read more

photo of Sujan with some hostel students

Sujan, FHC manager and school president

“Someone told me that she was at the Central Jail so one day I decided to go meet her. From outside the prison bars, I saw her. It didn’t feel like it was meeting my mother. The love was not there. It was just indifference”. Sujan is a busy man. …read more

$2000 for the Batase school, thanks to Gyanmaya

Congratulations Gyanmaya. Gyanmaya’s amazing effort with her studies has won the school in Batase a AUD$2,000 grant. She topped the Basic Level Exam (BLE) with 96.5% when she went from Grade 8 to Grade 9. The local government (Melamchi Municipality) reward schools with high-achieving students with a sizable prize and this time …read more

part of poster for women take on nepal film

Award winning documentary by Tania Verbeeck

Tania Verbeeck’s documentary Women Take on Nepal has just won the best documentary at the Sony Film Festival for 2021.   In October 2019 Tania Verbeeck hiked to Everest Base Camp with an all-women’s support crew … and her camera.  Tania is a good friend of FHC. She, and a …read more

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