The Friends of Himalayan Children would like to offer you the opportunity to assist in creating a better future for the children of Nepal. You can help us on our mission to provide empowerment through education, by sponsoring a child at Batase Village. We guarantee 100% of your sponsorship goes to its intended purpose. You’re also welcome to visit Batase Village in Nepal, to meet your sponsor recipient and see your funds at work.


For just $30 per month (to year 10) or $50 per month (beyond year 11), you can guarantee a child a place in school and the support needed to help the child succeed. Your generous donation will assist in relieving grumbling bellies, provide much needed educational equipment and uniforms, assist in paying the wages of the teachers of Batase Village and provide a home for many orphaned and disadvantaged children.

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The Friends of Himalayan Children works closely with the families and residents of Batase Village in Nepal. Our founder, Som Tamang grew up there. His parents and siblings still live and work there. It is through this authentic connection that we are able to provide you with the names and stories of children who would really benefit from your sponsorship. We thank you in advance, for helping us create a better future for the children of Nepal.

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Where exactly does my sponsorship go?

We guarantee 100% of your sponsorship goes to its intended purpose. It helps to cover the children's expenses living in the hostel; the educational expenses of all the disadvantaged children of Batase Village, including uniforms, textbooks & stationery; contributes to the wages of teachers at Batase Village school; contributes to financing projects in the village that assist in improving the lives of the children, such as a shower and toilet block at the school, new classrooms, and a library for the school, etc. The FHC is a not-for profit organisation.

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