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"Our volunteer administration ensures nearly 95% of funds raised go directly to supporting disadvantaged children in regional Nepal."

Some of our children share their stories

Our children all come from extraordinary lives, lives that those of us from privileged backgrounds would find difficult to comprehend. Here are some of there stories.


Buddhiman Tamang is from Urleni village and came to our Hostel five years ago because his father died when he was just a few months old and now his mother is too poor to support him. And his local school only goes to Grade 3.

Buddhiman is now 17 years old and in Grade 9 at the Batase school. He wants to become a trekking guide after finishing school. It was his brother who approached FHC for help.

He has written a thank-you letter to show his appreciation for the support he has received from FHC.

[posted December 2023]


Radhika Bayalkuti is 14 years old and studying in Grade 7 at the Batase school. She has been with the Hostel for seven years. Two of her sisters are also here.

Her parents are unfortunately alcoholic and incapable of supporting all of their seven children. Radhika wants to become a social worker.

She has written a thank-you letter to show his appreciation for the support he has received from FHC.

[posted December 2023]


Meet siblings Sabina and Ashok Tamang, our newest members to the FHC Hostel.

Sadly their father died from an electrical accident about a year ago and now Harimaya, their mother, finds it very difficult to provide for them.

With the help of our FHC supporters, Sabina and Ashok have been welcomed into our hostel where they will be cared for and able to continue their schooling for as long as they wish. Their futures are in their hands now, thanks to you.

[posted September 2023]


Meet our newest members to the FHC Hostel – Chetten Tamang and Chenam Tamang (with their father). Sadly their mother, Sita Maya, is battling kidney disease. Life is difficult for the family right but we can ease the burden by ensuring that their children are looked after and able to continue their education. Thanks to FHC supporters.

[posted Aug 2023]


Nirmala Mijar is from Sindhukot, close to Batase village. She came to our Hostel in Grade 8 and has just finished Grade 10. She recently sat for her School Leaving Certificate (SLC) exams so she can go onto Higher Secondary School (Grade 11 and 12).

Nirmala’s parents have separated and are too poor to care for, and educate, her so we invited her into the FHC Hostel. She works hard at school and around the hostel, helping the other kids with their study and keeping the Hostel clean and tidy. She also helps out on the farm.
Nirmala loves to sing and wants to become a school teacher in the future.

[posted Sept 2022]


Tenzin is from Helambu’s Pating village. She is seven years old and has a younger brother and sister.

She is our newest member, coming to FHC’s Hostel only few weeks ago. Her father died from Covid and Tenzin’s younger siblings still live with their mother. Unfortunately Tenzin’s mother alone can’t afford to educate Tenzin so FHC has invited her into the Hostel. She loves dancing, singing and running.

Our support for her would not be possible without your continued help. Thank you.

[posted Sept 2022]


A warm welcome too, to sisters Mendo Tamang (right) and Muisang Tamang. They are from Nuwakot district, which is a distance from Batase. Their parents separated and their mother remarried, leaving the girls in the care of their father. Their father later remarried and left the girls in the care of their Aunt, who couldn’t afford to provide for them.

“Some how they heard about this organisation and they contacted us about their family situation. After knowing about them we brought these young and amazing girls here to our beautiful home.
Thank you so much everyone for your great support and make this happened here in Batase village.”
Sujan Tamang

[posted Sept 2022]


A big welcome to Karsang Tamang from Kalleri village in the Helambhu Province.

Karsang is the younger sister of Dolma Tamang. Their mother was badly injured in the 2015 earthquake and sadly passed away. Their father went away to foreign country for work and when he returned, remarried, leaving the care of Karsang to an uncle in Kathmandu. Her uncle couldn’t afford to give her an education so she has come to stay with us at the FHC Hostel.

Now she is being cared for and educated, thanks to FHC supporters.

[posted Sept 2022]


Asmita is one of our scholarship kids meaning we support her education while she continues to live at home. She has just finished Grade 10 this year from Batase school with excellent results.
Asmita is from Manebhanjyang village next to Batase and she stayed with her grandparents while she studied at Batase School.

Now she will continue her education at Melamchi living with her parents, who can now afford to further her education. Asmita wants to become a teacher. Her dream is now possible with the generous help of FHC supporters.

[posted Jan 2022]


Rimmaya Tamang has just
successfully completed her Year 10 in Batase and she achieved an outstanding GPA of 3.90. FHC will continue to support her while she continues her education at College in Kathmandu. Rimmaya came to FHC’s hostel seven years ago with her older sister Anita from Urleni village. Their father was tragically killed while working abroad in the United Arab Emirates (Sadly these jobs are usually dangerous and have very poor working conditions). Their mother remarried so there was no support for the girl’s schooling. Anita has already finished her college education in Kathmandu.

[posted Oct 2021]


Sunita is 16 years old and has just finished Grade 10 with excellent results – a GPA of 3.80. She has been one our scholarship children. We supported here schooling for two years while she lived at home. To continue her education, Sunita has moved to Kathmandu and is studying science at College. With your help, FHC will continue to support her education while in Kathmandu. We help Sunita because her father has health problems and her mother works abroad to support the family. They can’t afford to educate Sunita and her brother. Sunita wants to become a nurse in the future.

[posted Oct 2021]


Jamuna is 12 years old and comes from Thakani village near Batase. She’s studying in Grade 7 at the Batase school because there is no school in her village. Jamuna has three sisters but her parents are too poor to support them with their schooling. They have been borrowing money from other villagers in an effort to get their children educated. FHC provides Jumuna with scholarship funding so she can continue going to school while living at home. Jamuna is a very smart, talented, confident student and wants to become a good singer and actor in the future. 

[posted Sept 2021]


Sushila Tamang (left) is five years old and Manita is nine. They are sisters from Batase. Their father passed away about a year ago, tragically from suicide. Sadly mental health is a big issue in Nepal and the villages are far away from easy help. The girls now live with their mother but FHC provides them with scholarship funding to cover their schooling costs. They go to Batase School.

[posted Sept 2021]


Rasundra Tamang (left) and Sangita Tamang are siblings from Urleni Village. When Rasundra was seven and Sangita four, their father tragically died from a simple wasp bite. Life in the villages can be precarious where basic medical help is unavailable. Their mother remarried and left Rasundra and Sangita with their grandmother, who had little ability to look after them. Fortunately FHC learnt of their problems and brought them into the Hostel. Rasundra is in Grade 7 now and Sangita is in Grade 5 at the Batase School.

[posted July 2021]


Rupa, Rina and Dolma are sisters from Pating Village in Nepal’s Helambhu region. Rupa is 12 years old and is studying in Grade 5 at the Batase School. Rina is nine and studying in Grade 2, Dolma is eight and studying in Grade 4. They lost their brother and mother to the earthquake in 2015. Their father went into the mountains for work so the sisters were missing out on proper care and education. FHC discovered their plight and now all three sisters are living in the Hostel and going to the school in Batase.

[posted June 2021]


Anita Tamang (before and after) recently turned 13 years old and is in Grade 7 at the Batase school. She came to our FHC hostel in 2019 from Urleni Village in the Helambhu region. Her mother left and remarried when Anita was one and half years old. Her father remarried but her step-mother didn’t care for Anita so now she is with us at the Hostel and being educated. She loves painting and drawing and is clever and inspiring to other students. Anita will be an inspiration to others when she returns to her village.

[posted June 2021]


Saraswati Bayalkuti the oldest of five siblings living at the hostel. She, her three sisters and brother were discovered fending for themselves in one of the outlying villages, having been effectively abandoned by their parents, who had gone to Kathmandu in search of work. Saraswati carries one of her sisters, who is disabled, to school on her back.


Nijita Bayalkuti is the second of five siblings living at the hostel. She, her three sisters and brother were discovered fending for themselves in one of the outlying villages, having been effectively abandoned by their parents, who had gone to Kathmandu in search of work. Nijita suffers from a hip problem which makes walking very difficult for her. Consequently, her older sister carries her the 500m to and from school each day, on her back.


Bikram Bayalkuti is the middle child of five siblings living at the hostel. He and his four sisters were discovered fending for themselves in one of the outlying villages, having been effectively abandoned by their parents, who had gone to Kathmandu in search of work. Bikram is a very bright, curious and conscientious student, who will do well in life, given a chance.


Radhika Bayalkuti is the second youngest of five siblings living at the hostel. She, her three sisters and brother were discovered fending for themselves in one of the outlying villages, having been effectively abandoned by their parents, who had gone to Kathmandu in search of work. She looks out for her youngest sister, who is only 5.


Asmita comes from Talamarang, but lives in Batase with her grandmother and her 2 older sisters. She is in Grade 8 and her grandmother has asked FHC for help with the cost of her education.


Buddhiman has been living at Batase Hostel for more than six months now, and studies in Grade 4 at Batase School. His father has died and his mother has gone to work as a housekeeper in Kubeth. He was living at home with his elder brother and sister in Batase, but his sister has since gone to live and work in Kathmandu.


Som Bahadur Tamang is 13 years old and studies grade 8 at Batase Secondary school. His favourite subject is Nepali, and he is a keen footballer. Before coming to the hostel, Som lived with his father, mother, grandmother, grandfather and two younger sisters – Anita and Sundari. Som came to the hostel when his mother passed away last year from falling from a height. His father could no longer support himself and his three young children as well as looking after their farm and animals. He would like to study to become a great teacher.


Pasang is 13 years old. His mother died in the earthquake. He was accepted into the hostel over 2 years ago. He enjoys football and volleyball.


Mingmar is 13 years old and is studying grade 7. She has one older sister, Dolma, who is currently staying in middle hostel with the older children. Dolma and Mingmar have been part of the FHC family for 7 years. Their mother passed away and their father Pemda couldn’t cope. Neighbours requested FHC support.


Dolma Lama is 16 years old and is studying grade 9. She has one younger sister, Mingmar who is also living at the FHC hostel. Mingmar is 13 years old and studying grade 7. Dolma and Mingmar have been part of the FHC family for 7 years. Their mother passed away and their father Pemda was unable to support them.


Gyanmaya is 14 years old and came to the hostel with her little sister Apsara. She has 3 other sisters and 3 brothers. Her mother and 3 year old brother died in the 2015 earthquake. Before she came to the hostel, she lived in a small house with 2 small beds for her, 3 siblings and their father. They were cold. Gyanmaya’s father is very old and cannot care for his children or pay for their schooling. He wanted Gyanmaya to work on the farm and stop school. But when the opportunity came up, he gladly allowed them to come to the FHC hostel.


Dorje is 13 years old and studies in grade 8. Dorje is an only child. His father passed away, and his mother lives in Dubai and subsequently remarried, leaving Dorje with his grandmother. His grandmother became too old to care for him, and we took Dorje into the hostel several years ago. Dorje enjoys reading and studying, and wants to be a teacher when he grows up.


Rasundra Tamang is 11 years old. He studies grade 5 at Batase Secondary school. He and his younger sister Sangita – now six – came to the FHC hostel three years ago. Prior to coming to the hostel Rasundra was living in Urlani village in his uncle’s house with his paternal grandmother. When Rasundra’s father died his mother remarried and left him and his younger sister with his grandmother. But his grandmother was too old to take care of the children. Rasundra and his younger sister are now very happy and healthy young kids. With the help of a sponsor, Rasundra’s dream of becoming a teacher when he grows up may become a reality with a good education.


Sunil is 13 years old and studies grade 6. He and his 2 sisters came to the hostel almost 2 years ago. Their father died 4 years previously and their mother has been missing in Kuwait for 3 years. Older sister Aarati raised Sunil, but
schooling was impossible in their extreme poverty. Now instead of cutting grass and labouring in the paddock, Sunil spend time doing his homework and learning life skills that he and his sisters are very grateful for.


Rabin Chalise is a young boy living at the FHC hostel in Batase. He was born on 11, 15, 2065, or 26 February 2009 in our calendar, and attends grade 4 in the temporary school. His father, Ram Bahadur and his mother, Gauri, are subsistence farmers, although his father sometimes gets work as a driver. His sister Rabina also lives at the hostel, and is being sponsored through FHC. His family is desperately poor, and their small plot of land is supporting another brother and sister of Rabin, as well as his parents and grandparents.


Aising is 10 years old. We took in Aising and siblings Som Bahadur, Sanju Maya and Manju 3 years ago. Their mother left the children to live with her own mother, as she was suffering from illness herself. They had been living with their Dad, who lost everything in the earthquake and was unable to recover, or even support his children. His big brother Anil is a great support to FHC.


Bishnay is 12 years old. He is a gifted singer and a diligent student. Growing up in extreme poverty and harsh family circumstances, he left the village at the age of 10 to work in a ring-making workshop in Kathmandu. Bishnay is now in the care of FHC at our Batase hostel, and he is considered one of the most inspiring, caring and promising students in the village.


Bimala Tamang funded her own education, to Grade 8, by working in a restaurant. Due to family hardship, she had to leave school and help on the family farm. Now, desperate to resume her schooling, she has applied to FHC for assistance. Because of the distance to school, she hopes to live part-time at the hostel. One of her two younger brothers, who is in Grade 11, is funding his own education by working in construction; both brothers also help on the farm. Bimala’s father is an alcoholic.

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