For just $30 per month (to year 10) or $50 per month (beyond year 11), you can guarantee a child a place in school and the support needed to help the child succeed. The Friends of Himalayan Children have been facilitating sponsorships since they started in 2007. It’s our mission to provide empowerment through education, providing the resources, facilities and financial means for the children of Batase Village in Nepal, and its surrounding communities, to attend school and be supported in their learning journey. You can make a difference.


In rural communities such as Batase, most families are engaged in subsistence farming. They rely on their children’s help with farming and household chores, which are often undertaken before and after school. Many families value education for boys, seeing it as a pathway out of poverty, and will struggle to give them the opportunity to go to school. For parents of children walking long distances to school, or living at the hostel, this means there is little assistance with farm work. A tension exists between present needs of families and future opportunities for boys.


In the case of girls, resistance to schooling is stronger, as the cultural norm in remote villages is for them to marry young and move to their husband’s home. Sometimes girls as young as 12 are married, even though early marriage is against Nepalese law. Consequently, many families don’t value education for girls, and prefer to have their help at home. FHC hopes to be able to offer scholarships to any child in need of help, with the expectation that families will be 100% behind their schooling and see it as a pathway to choice and independent earnings.


Neither are Batase girls safe from the heinous human-trafficking trade that continues to thrive in Nepal. Extreme poverty makes the girls vulnerable. Traffickers sometimes groom families for years, eventually offering them money and persuading them that a good job and bright future awaits their daughters in Dubai or India. Batase village has lost a number of its children to this evil trade. The FHC is determined to change this reality, through education for girls and awareness- training for all.


Visitors, volunteers and sponsors are most welcome to visit the children in Batase Village, Nepal. Tours to Batase Village are all arranged through Take On Nepal. Please note that for the safety of the children, all those intending on visiting or volunteering in Batase Village are subject to clearance by FHC. Please contact Take On Nepal on phone (07) 3040 2528 or email info@takeonnepal.com.au NB: To ensure the safety of the children involved no direct internet communication is permitted.

Where exactly does my sponsorship go?

We guarantee 100% of your sponsorship goes to its intended purpose. It helps to cover the children's expenses living in the hostel; the educational expenses of all the disadvantaged children of Batase Village, including uniforms, textbooks & stationery; contributes to the wages of teachers at Batase Village school; contributes to financing projects in the village that assist in improving the lives of the children, such as a shower and toilet block at the school, new classrooms, and a library for the school, etc. The FHC is a not-for profit organisation.

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