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"Our volunteer administration ensures nearly 95% of funds raised go directly to supporting disadvantaged children in regional Nepal."


Friends of Himalayan Children is grateful to its members, donors, sponsors and volunteers. Without their valuable and reliable support, we wouldn’t be able to provide assistance to people in need and help create pathways of change. There’s many ways that you can lend a hand, from making a one-off donation, to becoming a member, helping to fundraise and/or volunteering at Batase Village. If you have an idea and want to get involved, then contact us today. All are welcome. You can make a difference.


Do you feel moved to help the FHC continue its life-changing work in Nepal? Then the easiest way to help us, is to make a donation. Every dollar helps to keep our school open; to pay for teachers, books, and supplies; to provide clothing and food for the orphaned children we house and school in Batase Village; meeting their educational and daily living needs, and providing hardship relief for families in times of crisis. No one at the FHC receives a salary, or any other compensation. Everyone is a volunteer. We guarantee 100% your donation will reach the children it’s intended for. Whether you’re making a once-off donation or a regular payment, we thank you for your support.

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FHC coordinates and oversees the collection, transport and distribution of a range of donated goods to the people in Batase Village. Items that are particularly needed and appreciated are medical supplies, stationery and children’s clothes, in a range of sizes. Cold weather clothes are always needed in Nepal, as such jackets, beanies and other warm clothes are always welcomed. Also, with the opening of the new Batase Library in 2018, we’d love to receive any books you’re happy to contribute. When donating goods, please be mindful of the environmental impact. Waste disposal is an issue in Nepal, so please remove plastic wrapping and extraneous materials before packing.
Please note, current travel restrictions make it impossible for us to get materials to Nepal for now. We have limited capacity for storage but if you have materials for donation, contact us and we can come up with a plan.

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Join us on our quest to help those in need, become a member of the FHC today. There’s a nominal membership fee, which is 100% contributed directly towards our activities in Batase Village. For singles it’s $10, $20 for a couple or $30 for a family. Your membership will help us achieve our goals. You can receive our newsletters and event updates and participate as much, or as little as you like. Please consider joining us if you are interested in our work and if you can help in any way.

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Do you have ideas for events that would attract people who might willingly contribute to FHC? We need your help! Could you gather together a trekking group, a tour group or a volunteer group, and engage the services of Take On Nepal to make it an experience of a lifetime. (Remember it is the youth of Batase – including girls – who gain by such engagements.) Our members in Cairns and around the world have helped raise tens of thousands of dollars through various endeavours such as bike rides, coffee mornings, and social events.

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We need skilled volunteers who are willing and able to help out in Nepal. Could you teach or train or mentor? Or volunteer in your professional capacity? Then Batase needs you! We’re truly fortunate to regularly host and facilitate a range of volunteers, including doctors, nurses, teachers and teaching students, builders, carpenters and more. If you’re interested in volunteering somewhere your skills will not only be appreciated, but used to make real change and benefit, then contact us today.

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You don’t need to be a professional to visit and volunteer at Batase Village. Anyone who is willing to chip in and lend a hand is welcomed. Your level of engagement is tailored to suit your needs and may include: helping with farm work, which frees up the children to go to school; running a games/activity session, which gives the children valuable English language immersion in a social experience; and the value of an extra pair of hands on a building or repair project goes without saying. These visits are co-ordinated by Take on Nepal.

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Recycle rubbish (Queensland only)

Some of your recyclable rubbish has value. Most soft drink cans, plastic bottles, beer bottles and cans, juice poppers, even Yakult bottles are redeemable through Queensland’s Containers for Change scheme. Just look for ‘10c redeemable’ printed on the label. You can take your redeemable containers to any recycling centre in Queensland and the code C10010512 will direct the money straight to FHC. Get your children, neighbours, and/or schools involved. If you would like to letter-drop your neighbourhood to collect redeemable rubbish, contact us and we can customise a letter-drop flyer for you.

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Thank You For Your Help

The FHC welcomes support and assistance from anyone wanting to get involved. Whether you have time and skills for organising fundraising events, producing newsletters, promoting the FHC’s work, want to volunteer or can help in any other way, we'd love to hear from you.

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