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"Our volunteer administration ensures nearly 95% of funds raised go directly to supporting disadvantaged children in regional Nepal."


Friends of Himalayan Children Inc. gladly accepts financial donations and ensures that 95 cents in every dollar donated goes directly into supporting the children in Batase Village and surrounding areas. We can guarantee this because the charity is entirely administered by volunteers, only employing essential professional services that are required by regulators such as accounting and auditing.

The charity also accepts donated goods. Scroll down for further information.


Donations are collected by Westpac Bank of Australia and can be made by debit or credit card, or Paypal. Yon can choose to make a one-off donation or organise a regular donation.

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Make a one-off donation, or set up a regular donation, directly into our bank account via your online banking service. Once you make your donation, please leave your details on our contact page. If you wish to remain anonymous, there is no need to leave your details.

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Account Name: FHC Inc.
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(Please use your name as a reference or write ‘anonymous’.)

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Friends of Himalayan Children Inc (FHC) is a humanitarian organisation working to stop child labour and child slavery through providing access to education, a safe home for disadvantaged children and community development projects in rural Nepal. Founded by Som Tamang, FHC has direct links to the charity’s causes and communities, ensuring that as much of the money donated, as possible goes directly into supporting the children in Batase Village and surrounding areas.

With further funding we will be able to provide more support for more children and young adults, especially young girls. Your help can make a real difference.

Use the link below to download an explanation on how to donate to FHC through your Will.

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FHC coordinates and oversees the collection, transport and distribution of a range of donated goods to the people in Batase Village. Items that are particularly needed and appreciated are medical supplies, stationery and children’s clothes, in a range of sizes. Cold weather clothes are always needed in Nepal, as such jackets, beanies and other warm clothes are always welcomed. Also, with the opening of the new Batase Library in 2018, we’d love to receive any books you’re happy to contribute. When donating goods, please be mindful of the environmental impact. Waste disposal is an issue in Nepal, so please remove plastic wrapping and extraneous materials before packing.

Please note, current travel restrictions make it impossible for us to get materials to Nepal for now. We have limited capacity for storage but if you have materials for donation, contact us and we can come up with a plan.

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The FHC and people of Batase Village in Nepal thank you for your support. Your donation will be used to help change lives by empowering women and children with education and pathways to a life of choices.

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