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Cardistry – by Brian Duncan

Brian Duncan best captures the amazing efforts of James Milaras and American friend Sean in his FaceBook post (31/07). James learned about the fantastic work Som and FHC were doing to improve the lives of children in Batase and wanted to help. He and Sean travelled to Batase to teach their skills of cardistry to the local kids.

Card gambling is a major problem in regional Nepal and children grow up in an environment exposed to this ugly and destructive side of life. James wanted to change their perception of what cards were about, not just a tool for gambling but a source of fun and dexterity. Their visit was a huge success and has been captured on a video that you can access on YouTube here.

Brian Duncan witnessed the aftermath of cardistry visit and talks about it on his FB page.

“Hi there FB friends. Having met James Milaras a number of times recently, I was just so buzzed at who this young man is, what this young man does, how this young man thinks, how this young man inspires, and how this young man puts vision and compassion into action.
He and his friend Sean went to Batase Village with an intent to do good. In support of Friends of Himalayan Children, they made this wonderful documentary about ……. well, you’ll see (acrobatics with cards is how I would describe it). This was filmed in March – I was there in April, unaware that Cardistry even existed, and that James had already embarked on this remarkable short film. I noticed the kids in Batase randomly doing really cool stuff with playing cards, but nothing like any traditional games that I knew. How cool to look back now and realise where the seed was originally planted by James and Sean, and how their inspiration is growing in the general outlook of the kids. Immense kudos to you both, James and Sean, I am sitting here enjoying the warmth of possibilities for the wheels of compassion and positivity you have set a rolling. So dear friends, set aside 18 minutes to feel the same warm and fuzzies as everyone else who watches this video.”

Watch video here.

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