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"Our volunteer administration ensures over 96% of funds raised go directly to supporting disadvantaged children in regional Nepal."

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“If you run in the morning it keeps you strong, fresh and smart for all the day”.

This is Bir Bahadur and Buddhi Tamang. They are brothers. They have a sister called Buddhu Tamang. After the 2015 earthquake in Nepal, they went to India with their mother while their father worked abroad in an Arab country.

They stayed for about two years in India but sadly they lost their mother. They then lived with their aunt, moving back to Nepal. FHC heard about their problem. They were rescued and given a home in the Friends of Himalayan Children hostel in Batase.

They are very talented and smart kids in the hostel. FHC provides everything for them. With help, I am sure they have bright future. You can sponsor or donate here.

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