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Melamchi devastated by floods

floods in melamchi

Melamchi is a neighbouring village to Batase and has recently been devastated by floods. These floods are a combination of circumstances. Monsoonal rains have swollen rivers and landslides, brought on by weakened hill slopes as a consequence of earthquakes, have dammed then burst to release surges of water. Part of the township has been swept away and it’s feared that about 30 people are missing, feared dead. Help is urgently required to support the people of Melamchi. There are no social services available to feed and house those who have lost so much.

Melamchi sits below Batase in the base of the Melamchi valley on the Melamchi River. It has a population of nearly 50,000 residents and is an important service centre for surrounding villages, including Batase. This news is tragic for Batase residents because they have family and friends living and working in Melamchi, and are reliant on Melamchi for supplies and essential services.

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